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Have a great day!!!

Jen & Scott

One of the things that is very difficult to do is to edit your own pictures.  I love all of them.  So, I procrastinate blogging because I don’t know which ones to pick.  After, oh say 7 months or so, it becomes much easier.  Seven months is just a random number I picked.  Absolutely NO significance. :)

I absolutely LOVED this wedding.  Every shot from the very first click of the shutter was heaven.  I could not wait to get home and re-live the day all over again.  One of the best things about this wedding was Jen.  She smiled the ENTIRE day.  I’m not kidding.  I think brides forget to relax and enjoy their day.  So many times we have a picture of the bride and she looks distracted or upset.  Jen’s smile was everywhere.  Every shot was adorable!!  Check her out below:

Here you can see where Jen gets her smile

I love to see wonderful father/daughter relationships.  When Jen’s father saw her for the first time, he started to cry.  Then Jen started to cry.  Then we all cried…I’m surprised anything is in focus.

We had some very cool lights in the bathroom

The handsome men. 

I LOVE it when our brides decide to do first glance.  We get so many more amazing shots.  Every bride we’ve had that has done first glance has told me that they are so happy they did it.  They all felt that the day was so much more relaxed and fun.

Minor heart attack.  The night before the wedding, Lisa and I had found this amazing little wooded path about a mile down from the church.  It was incredibly sunny and the light was piercing through the trees in the most beautiful way.  We begged Jen & Scott to go there just before the ceremony.  So, the night before the wedding they changed their limo request so that logistically we could get them there and the bridal party could get to the church.  I was so happy that they trusted us enough to know that we needed to do this.  The day of the wedding it was overcast.  No happy sun filtering through the trees.  I was concerned.  They had made massive transportation changes to accomodate my vision, and my vision couldn’t happen.  But God is amazing.  The path was PERFECT!  The overcast made the light beautiful and brought out the rich fall colors.  Jen later stated that was why she had planned a fall wedding.  Thank goodness it worked out so well!

Katy & Charlie

Okay, so I am a little lot behind on blogging.  You get soooo excited to get a blog, then you realize it is work.  I have the absolute best intentions, but then life steps in and you wake up and realize your not in Kansas anymore.  I promise to do better!  (Well, I promise to think about doing better.)

Katy is the sister of one of my favorite grooms of the past.  How could I NOT shoot her wedding.  We HAD to.  It’s like shooting family.  Katy & Charlie are hilarious.  They did everything we asked and then some.  These are the types of weddings you wish would go on and on and on….

Judy is my former bride on the right in this picture.  She was sooo totally cute and pregnant!!

Chris is my former groom on the right in this pic.  Handsome, handsome men….

The cutest (and very small) church


Katy & Charlie rock!!

The wedding party rocked as well

We had the most amazing Get To Know You Shoot with Crystal & Brian!  Crystal loves photography and has her own darkroom in her house.  Brian is fun and crazy and completely adores Crystal.  The combination of the two of them is incredibly yummy fun!  When a bride and groom let go and have fun, we get the most amazing pictures. 

Crystal & Brian are getting married at Stone Manor Country Club in Middletown, MD.  On the property there is this cool little house with a short little doorway.  Crystal & Brian let us squish them into the doorway.  Yeah!

Across the pond Crystal and Brian grabbed two reeds and started to sword-fight (uh, reed-fight).

Usually we tell our brides not to wear a dress for the GTKY Shoot because you never know where we’ll put you.  Crystal and Brian had been at a baptism in NJ and drove back home to MD for the shoot.  So, Crystal was in a dress.  She assured me that it wouldn’t hinder the shoot…she was completely correct.  Crystal did everything including laying in the grass and stomping through a cornfield (coming soon).

We just could not get enough of this yummy light and our wonderful couple!

Gotta have fun with sawhorses, right?

My favorite part came when we left the Manor and ventured into the corn…

My favorite shot of the day

Crystal had a “trial” bouquet made.  It is magnificent!

Thank you Crystal & Brian for such a fun, fun time!  Can’t wait to do it again on the 1st!

Jen, Scott, and I have known each other for the past 4 1/2 years.  We all go to the same church and we all volunteered to help with the high school ministry.  We each became D-Team leaders (bible study) and had a group of students from freshmen year thru senior year.  We followed our class thru high school.  Scott had a group of boys, Jen and I each had a group of girls.  We had the same class, so we had the same moments of joy and frustration.  We had so much fun and our class graduated last May and are now enjoying college life.  Jen and Scott are soon going to be enjoying a new life as well - marriage!  We can’t wait to be a part of their wedding.  As you can see below, Jen has the most amazing smile ever.  I am very happy that I had the two of them (as well as others) to be my partners in bringing our class thru high school.  Jen & Scott, CAN NOT WAIT to have fun on the 24th!

Look at the cool red shoes Jen had on!  I’m still trying to find them for myself.


Okay, you work with high schoolers for 4 years, you have to be a little bit fun.  I don’t know why, but this picture makes me laugh. 

Brian & Claudia

We had the fabulous oppotunity to shoot Brian & Claudia’s wedding on July 12th.  Such a cute couple completely in love!  The cool thing was that both the wedding and reception were going to be held at our church, Grace Community Church.  This was both fun and challenging for us.  We found a great spot to shoot that we had never seen before.  Yeah!  Also, the reception was held outside at night with very little light.  Flexing our camera muscles that evening.  :)  The great thing was that Claudia & Brian were so much fun, as were their entire wedding party, most of whom we knew already either through the church or because we had shot their weddings.  This is an extremely fun crowd!

This is Claudia’s sisters helping her to prepare:

Claudia’s nephew was chowing down!

The beautiful girls:

Can you stand these eyes!  Ugh…I could have shot her all day:

Da Boyz

Found a great empty room just before the ceremony

Claudia & her dad, he was sooooo very happy

I love, love, love this pic

One of the best wedding parties EVER:

Our church has these really cool lights that I never really notice

First dance as dusk was ending:

For some reason, the community across the street did fireworks this evening instead of the weekend before (or maybe they just liked it so much they did it again). We ran over and were able to get a few shots:

Okay, this picture just makes me laugh.  Ever see guys trying to do the Macarena?

Claudia won the cake battle, but Brian had the last word: (er, kiss):

Yes, this was done by upstanding, young Christian adults:

Claudia & Brian, thank you so much for letting us have fun with you!

Katy & Charlie

So I get this email from Katy a few months ago explaining that she is getting married and would like to get some information from us to shoot her wedding.  She then explains that she is the sister of Chris.  Chris & Judy??!!!  Oh my goodness!  We LOVE them.  We shot their wedding about a year and a half ago and just fell in love with them.  By the way, Chris & Judy are expecting their first child very soon.  Yeah!

So of course we had to shoot Katy & Charlies big day!  I met Katy & Charlie about a month ago and thought to myself that they were both a little shy and reserved and hoped we could get them to open up a bit and have some fun.  I told Lisa (blonde) on the way to the “get-to-know-you” shoot that we might have to work to get Katy & Charlie to relax.  I could not have been more wrong!  I don’t think I’ve ever been this off the mark about a couple.  Katy & Charlie worked it from the moment we started.  They were up for anything and we laughed the whole time.

We shot them where they are getting married - Milton Ridge in Clarksburg Maryland.

Katy & Charlie, thank you a million gazillion times for being completely amazing!  Can we please jump into the pool on the wedding day?

Katy’s parents were there watching Katy’s dog….

Welcome to the first post of Three Blondes!  I had to use this opportunity to introduce you to something really cool.

In July 2004 we were very blessed to be able to shoot Kim and Jeromy’s wedding.  Such a fabulous couple!  As is the case with many of our couples, they became our friends.  We soon learned that they were waiting to adopt a little girl from Kenya.   Kenya requires couples to be married 3 years before adopting.  So they waited, for three years.  A few months before their 3rd anniversary, Kim visited Kenya to visit the orphanage.  While there, she felt that another child could also be added to their family.  Jeromy agreed and they petitioned to adopt a little girl and a little boy.  Once they were approved for adoption, they left in late July 2007 and headed to Kenya.  Per Kenyan adoption regulations, one parent must stay in Kenya for the entire adoption process, about 7-9 months.  Jeromy came home to work, and Kim stayed in Nairobi with Sundi and Damon.  Kim opened the invitation to anyone who wanted to visit her while she stayed in Nairobi.  So, in November 2007, I went to Kenya.

When I got to Nairobi, I met two very beautiful children - Sundi and Damon.

On our 2nd day there, we traveled to Lake Nakuru to go on Safari.  Kenya is just beautiful.

The best part about the trip was visiting a school in Soweto, the 2nd largest slum in Kenya.  The school is run by Pastor Samuel, a man Jeromy had met on his first trip to Kenya.  At the time, the school had 52 students.  Most of these students are street children with no real home to go to at the end of the day.  If Samuel has enough, he can feed the children once per day.  For many of the children, this is the only meal they receive. 

This is the school, a corrugated tin building on a dirt road.

The children greeted Kim and me with songs. It is so cute to hear “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” with a child’s Kenyan accent.  English is the predominant language of Kenya with Swahili a close second.

Here is a shot of the kids in class.  I brought over some leftover Halloween candy for the kids.  Keep in mind, most of them barely get one meal a day, they never get candy.  Most of the candy I gave out were tiny boxes of Nerds.  One little girl poured hers into her hand and offered to share with the two of us.  Things like that are not uncommon.  They have so little, but share everything they have with others.  Because of the sugar rush, many crashed hard during lessons.

Here are just some of the beautiful faces of the students.

This poster is on the wall of the school.  Notice that right under “Flowers Smell Nice” is “Aids has no cure”. 

This is my “Where’s Waldo” picture.  Can you find me and Kim?

What I realized during my visit was that we have just so, so much.  But, the amount that the few of us could give to help this school and these kids isn’t enough to make the difference we want to see made.  So, we started a non-profit.

We Are Kenya was formed to get these kids clothes, food, shelter, and education.  If you have a few moments, please take a look at our website (just click on the name). 

Everyone always asks me what I like best about shooting weddings.  It’s the relationships we build.  I met Kim and Jeromy at their wedding, now we are heading a non-profit together.  We shot Becca and Tom’s wedding.  Becca is Kim’s sister and Tom developed our We Are Kenya website.  Kate is our graphic artist that came up with our amazing We Are Kenya logo, and she is the sister of one of our former grooms. We shot Erin and Matt’s wedding last year and now Matt heads up our fundraising team and Erin is our do anything, help with everything, keep Michelle as sane as possible person.  These are amazing people that I would never have met if I hadn’t shot their weddings.  I can’t imagine who I’m going to meet next.